Global Grand Challenges Summit 2013: Technology and growth

13 March 2013

Across the world, governments are intent on promoting growth by moving up the value chain and creating more knowledge-intensive jobs. But there is still much to learn about how best to encourage innovation. How do we ensure that the best research results in innovative products and services? How best can the state support innovation, without crowding out entrepreneurial spirit? And is the pursuit of economic growth really sustainable in the long term, or should we focus business and research efforts on enhancing the quality of life? This session brings together world renowned business people and thinkers to debate the issues surrounding innovation and growth and to offer their insights on how an great idea can be turned into a world-changing product. 

Panelists: Dr Margaret Anne Craig, Chief Executive Officer, Clyde Biosciences, Dr Regina E. Dugan, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, Motorola Mobility, Professor Andy Hopper, President, the IET and Head of the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Dr Mike Lynch, Founder, Invoke Capital, Andrew Simms, Fellow, New Economics Foundation and Dr Yingtao Li, President, The 2012 Laboratories, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

Keywords: Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Engineering, Andrew Simms, resilience, Technology, Growth, Economics, Autonomy, DARPA, ClydeBiosciences, nef, Invoke Capital, Motorola Mobility, The IET, Huawei Technologies, Dr Mike Lynch, Professor Andy Hopper, Dr Regina Dugan, Dr Yingtao Li, Dr Margaret Anne Craig, Global Grand Challenges Summit, GGCS2013

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